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Hi there! My name is Rodney Lewis.

Thank you for visiting my personal homepage!

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“I Own a Search Engine”

I like saying that!

I am a software engineer. More specifically, I create software with a programming language called Python. I develop websites with a tool that works in concert with Python called Django. I’ve spent many years learning how to build world-class websites with Django, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and many other tools. My attraction to making websites is in its multidisciplinary nature, that place where computer science, the visual arts, and psychology overlap. These websites are my magnum opus, my life’s work. I have spent years creating the infrastructure for the following web sites and now I intend to spend the rest of my life using them to make the world better by creating quality Internet content.
I am passionate about creating a powerfully useful index of the Internet. I am going in a different direction than the leading search engines, with human-reviewed links, a consistent keyword taxonomy, fewer links but to more relevant results, a public-facing record for each webpage indexed and several other innovations that the big boys will soon be imitating. Stay tuned!
I had such a tough time finding a good PC gaming website that would direct me to awesome games, without constantly trying to sell me something or get me to buy their product, that I had to make my own. features dozens of links to online arcades, PC download libraries, PC gaming periodicals and system emulators and game engines that run on the PC, but that’s not the half of it. The heart of is our searchable database of games for Apple, Windows and Linux, each record including a thorough description of the game, tags to related games, keyboard commands and shortcuts, walkthroughs, articles about the game in the media, and videos. I hope to eventually publish original PC games both Web-based and for download.
In the quest to become a highly regarded resource for information in cyberspace, I just had to create my own publishing house. For now I am writing my own books, one book each for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, programming fundamentals, computer fundamentals, why space exploration, travel and colonization need to be a national priority and why drugs should be legalized. In addition, I am translating Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams from its original German to English. Again, I am writing all these books myself, but I hope to attract other authors soon.
Here is where I showcase and offer all my talents. Eventually I will add more highly skilled people to my team to provide a wide range of creative and technical services to individuals as well as businesses large and small. is also an online store with no products for sale as of yet, but I am looking for products to carry. My store’s focus is on goods and services that people and businesses buy whether the economy is good or bad. I try to refrain from products that I believe would be frivilous in times of economic crisis. This leaves a lot of items that would still qualify under that condition. For instance, people still buy entertainment products even when money is tight, as well as, naturally, food and other necessities.
Money can’t buy happiness, but it is an unfortunate necessity of life. For now, we live in a world where having more money means having more options, and having the option to do A versus B seems to be the stuff of which freedom is made. People can use freedom to make truly positive choices in their lifestyles that bring them genuine happiness, or they can use that freedom to destroy themselves. While fingers are crossed that visitors will use my information to make good choices, is about empowering them to do either in the first place. I feature several online and offline “new economy” ways of making money in our time. I list microtasking applications, P2P borrowing programs, credible and personally-vetted affiliate programs, and sites that facilitate offline task-related work like shopping and other domestic tasks.

I would love to help you with your website. I can build a website from the ground up or help you fix your existing website. We can work with Django or whatever systems you already have in place. I carefully craft the database at the backend for your data-driven needs, I dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ at the frontend, and I pay equally close attention to detail to everything in between. I carefully walk the tightrope between perfection and completion. Being a member of your team as quarter-, half-, or full-time employment or work as an independent contractor (preferably telecommuting most of the time) would allow me bring my abilities to bear to find solutions to your web presence needs while refining and sharpening my own skills. Go ahead and contact me through one of the social networking icons above.


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I write articles about subjects near to my heart. I designate conjecture as such and write thoughtfully and I don’t spew a bunch of facts of which I have no idea the veracity.

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My microblog is for creating a more permanent record of favorite posts I’ve made to social networking sites, like cool quotations and funny sayings and silly memes. For the most part I like to keep it positive. It is important to me to make sure quotes are actually by their purported author before posting them.

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This is where I like to make my life seem much more fabulous than it really is! Facebook is probably the best way to get in touch with me. I try to stay away from negativity and mostly post positive memes, quotes and whatnot.
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This is a great place to keep track of professional contacts.
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Google+ is a lot like both Facebook and LinkedIn sans a lot of the vitriol and childishness.


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In addition to videos about my video gaming experiences and how-to demonstrations of online and offline apps, I curate video lists of my favorite media like:
I hope you’ll drop by to check my work out and to click that ‘Subscribe’ button!
For better or for worse, much of my experience of the world has come through movies. I love movies. I curate several lists here related to my interests:
If you’re looking for something excellent to watch make sure to drop in and consult my recommendations.
Most of the time when I have a programming quandary I take my dilemma here and get it quickly solved. StackExchange hosts a number of forums of which I am a member:
Resolving the issues of others is especially fulfilling.
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This is a great site for link discovery and sharing. I find fascinating and informative web destinations here that I would probably not ... uh ... stumble upon ... anywhere else.
This federally-funded site is like Yelp but for websites.
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Here I organize my own artwork and screenshots so all may see them.
I love writing reviews of places I’ve been to. Many think my reviews here are useful and funny.
Besides Facebook, here is a great place to squander unbelievable amounts of time:
I hope you’ll follow my activity here.
Making your code available to the public lets others scrutinize it so you can make it perfect. GitHub is also a great place to try software in development.
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Organizing your links on a social bookmarking site like Delicious lets you share them easily with others as well as have them available to you wherever you physically are in the world.


I waited for over a decade for a flashcards web app. Maybe one existed before this but I could never find it. I use Quizlet to study German vocabulary mostly. While Quizlet features thousands of user-created decks, I had to create my own because none of the other German flashcards had the necessary qualities of proper capitalization, having the noun’s gender, and having a flashcard each for singular and plural, and singular and plural for both male and female types of people. For example, a single flashcard (totalling four) should be used each for the nouns ‘male doctor’, ‘female doctor’, ‘male doctors’, ‘female doctors.’ I’m also using Quizlet to memorize element atomic numbers and electron configurations.
You should come learn German and chemistry with me!
Come see me here. I would be glad to check out your music. A lot of people I personally know showcase their music here, and if you follow me I’ll check your stuff out!
Another way to discover independent music. Pigeon Hole is an excellent band that you can’t find much for via more mainstream channels.
I play a lot of games through Steam as installation and maintenance of apps is as easy as downloading and installing the Steam client.
Spotify is another place where I keep playlists of my 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier musical favorites.

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