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Hi there! My name is Rodney Lewis.

Thank you for visiting my personal homepage!

My Favorite SNL Sketches:

I love laughter. Saturday Night Live is one of my all time favorite television shows. They definitely have their down episodes and down seasons but overall it’s some of the best TV there is. To someday host SNL is definitely on my bucket list. Ya hear that, Lorne?

#11 Episode object:

The Shooting

#10 Episode object:


#9 Episode object:

Ras Trent

#8 Episode object:

Tech Talk: iPhone 5

Professional gadget critics get an opportunity to confront those who make the iPhone 5.
#7 Episode object:

Colonel Angus Comes Home

#6 Episode object:

More Cowbell

#5 Episode object:

Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln

Jim Carrey lampoons the McConaughey series of commercials for Lincoln
#4 Episode object:

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Adele's Hello unites a politically divided family on Thanksgiving.
#3 Episode object:

Don' You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro

A hilarious take on British working class crime drama films. Brand totally cracks me up!
#2 Episode object:

Voters for Trump Ad

Implies Trump voters are neo-nazis.
#1 Episode object:

Starbucks Verismo

Outrageous! Some say this video is a bit racist.